General Style window - Cancel button undoes changes after Apply

• Mar 30, 2015 - 02:38
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I could have sworn that it used to be the case that hitting the "Apply" button (after changing parameters in one of the many windows where there is an "Apply" button) would be automatically undone if you then clicked "Cancel" instead of "OK". Am I misremembering? How is it supposed to work? Because it doesn't seem to be working that way now.


No, this has never been the case, in MuseScore or any other program I know of. It would be in direct violation of most GUI design guidelines I have seen. Cancel only cancels *unapplied* changes. It takes an Undo to undo applied changes. Maybe there are Mac programs that work differently?

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Well, here's something else interesting. Not only will the Cancel button for that window cancel changes after you already clicked Apply, but opening the window, not changing anything at all, and then clicking Cancel makes MuseScore think you made a change to the score.

We have two things here (maybe it should go on two different issues):
(1) Post #1 behaviour of Cancel. I also find it a bit baffling, but most of the time, programs don't behave like you describe in the first post, beginning with the WIndows itself. I like it when the program replaces the "cancel" button with a "close" button as long as nothing is modified, but it's seldom.

(2) Post #3: we need more info from you, I can't reproduce it here: if I open the Style -> General and press Cancel immediately, nothing happens here (win7 - version 2.0). Was it this window that you opened? Did you do something more?

I too cannot reproduce any issue with the style window marking a score dirty even though nothing has changed, but I could imagine it happening depending on what settings you already had in that dialog.

I *can* reproduce the bug where Cancel in this particular window undoes changes that were already applied.

But it looks like Apple's design guidelines do say that Apply should be a preview only, and that Cancel should revert them. So what's a bug on one platform may not be on another.

Title Cancel button after apply doesn’t work General Style window - Cancel button undoes changes after Apply

Turns out for some reason it was only in the specific score I tried it in that "Cancel" marked the score as dirty, so forget about that. But it seems we have the worst of both worlds here: on Mac OS X, the Style window is the only thing that works right; everywhere else (I guess), the Style window isn't working right.