Dramatical performance decrease after using the Object Inspector

• May 28, 2010 - 14:26
S4 - Minor

Checked on Windows XP, SVN branch 0.9.6 rev. 3103, but observed in older revisions too.

* Open a longish score (I timed the one posted here , for about 3MB of .mscx).
* Go to the last note.
* Raise it by a semitone with the UP arrow: the modification appears in a very short time (perhaps noticeable, but almost impossible to time).
* Undo.
* Open the Object Inspector (on my case, the O.I. took 2 minute to show up; this is not exciting but it is not the main point here).
* Close the O.I.
* Raise the last note by a semitone again: on my PC, the modification took 149 secs to show up.
* Same for many other actions (including save).

On a different and more powerful PC, the time for the sharp to appear (after having used to O.I.) was reduced to 65 sec: less but still impractical!




On linux it took only < 1sec for the inspector to show up. After closing any note changes are slower (<3sec).
I then checked the windows version with wine and could confirm your observations. Virtual memory usage was > 2705 MB (!) after opening the inspector.
I will try to investigate further to find out what happend.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I suspected the issue was related with resources used to fill up the Inspector data (the bigger the score, the larger the resources needed) and not released after closing it.

It may be an issue with Qt libraries, in which case there might be little you could do. I have a full Qt SDK 2010.02 installed under both Ubuntu and Windows XP: if I can help in any way, please tell.


I can confirm the original posters findings on Win XP
After having the object inspector opened the CPU was maxed out at 100% on nightly.exe

Status (old) active fixed

In rev. 3113 the inspector does not slow down overall operation if not visible.
I want to set this issue as fixed although the abnormal resource consumption on windows is not fixed.
Please note that the inspector is only for debugging purposes and may be removed in a later version.