Alt+, does not work for custom shortcut (works at first, reset on program restart)

• May 5, 2015 - 19:28
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1. open musescore
2. open preferences, tab shortcuts
3. Change crescendo to whatever you want. (i have set it to alt+,)
4. Next time you startup you have to set this shortcut again.

The shortcut for crescendo won't save.



For me on Ubuntu 14.04, it's not that anything assigned to crescendo doens't work - it's that Alt+, *specifically* doesn't work. And not just when used for crescendo - it doesn't work for anything else either. Perhaps this shortcut is being trapped by the OS or by Qt for some other special purpose. What OS are you on?

BTW, I have unassigned you because that field is indended to name the person who will *fix* the bug. Your name is already recorded automatically as the person who reported it.

Generally, I have experienced same (similar) issue - i.e. I assign shortcut [Alt+2] to Voice 2, and it works (together with the rest shortcuts, like [Alt+1] for Voice 1, [Alt+3] for Voice 3 and [Alt+4] for Voice 4), but then soon after, this particular one [Alt+2] stops working, while other ones do work without problemo.
P.s.: (will attach image to complement this explanation, but must charge photo camera batteries first).

I have discovered that ',' as shortcut doesn't work. I have , and . for crescendo and decrescendo because of the signs above it. So i hope they solve this little bugs in the future. (shortcuts don't work after new startup)

tip: if you have a numpad, assign the numpad numbers for the voices.

Best, Philip Bergwerf

FWIW, I remember having noticed quite a long time ago that ',' (comma character) is problematic in short-cuts as it is used as a separator in the internal string representation of shot-cuts. I thought it was been taken care of already, but apparently this is not the case.

He he, nice try.
I have tried just about everything before I came here crying - nothing seems to work, that is why I suspect a code to be a mess, and I am not the only one. Of course, I might be wrong, MS 2 as it is now is brilliant software - I vote for MS 2 to receive Nobel Price for Music Software - starting immediately. LOL!

Attached is promised file - picture of Slo(venian) keyboard and some explanations of MS 2 behavior.

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FYI, the processing for keyboard shortcuts is mostly performed for us by the Qt libraries we use, so most of this is out of our hands. Not saying there is no possibiltiy we are doing something wrong somewhere, but in general, shortcuts do work incredibly well. The Qt libraries do a marvelous job of handling different operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, also Android, iOS, and others) and the countless different keyboard layouts that exist in the world. Yes, a coupoe of corner cases slip through the cracks. This is not "mess" but the practically inevitable result of trying to support such an overwlehming number of different configurations.