MuseScore 2.0 and 2.1 freeze my computer screen on open.

• May 11, 2015 - 01:50
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Ever since 2.0, musescore has always frozen my computer screen, upon open. I have looked for possible solution, but no one else seems to have my problem. Just today I downloaded musescore 2.1 one and once again it froze my computer screen. I have also tried uninstalling musescore and then re installing it, but it doesn't fix my problem. I did came musescore 1.3 installed; I'm not sure if that's the problem. So please someone help if at at possible.


Could you tell us which platform you are on? Windows, Mac OS, Linux, ... (be as specific as possible).

Could you elaborate a little more what "frozen computer screen" means? Do you see the MuseScore splash screen? Do you see the MuseScore software?

Last question: what if you open a MuseScore files (mscz) directly without opening the software first. How far do you get there?

I have the same issue. I am running Windows 8.1, and when I try to run MuseScore, the computer immediately freezes entirely. I see no spash screen, and no software.

i have no previous musescore files, so i can't try running a file that way. Any help would be appreciated.


Neither solution was of any use. You have a pretty substantial bug in your software that apparently affects multiple users; maybe you should consider rolling back your software to a stable version until you can isolate and fix the problem, or at the least telling users that you are aware of the problem and trying to fix it, and will notify everybody suffering from this problem when the solution is available. Both are valid measures, but using your users as quality assurance really is not

By having posted here, you *will* be notified when a cause is identified and a fix found.

EDIT: I should emphasize I am not speaking in any official capacity, just giving my opinion as one of the many volunteer developers and testers for MuseScore.

2.0 and 2.0.1 *are* stable for many thousands of users. The fact that two or three people have something unexplained going on with their systems that is causing problems is very unfortunate, and we are sorry to hear of these rare troubles, but it is not, in my opinion, cause to withdraw software that thousands of users are enjoying immensely.

Presumably the problem will turn out to be some particular piece of hardware or software on your computer causing a conflict, and we will then be able to either address it is that is possible, or add it to the known incompatibilies list. Any help you can provide in identifying the source of the conflict would be most appreciated. Unfortunately, since this is such a rare problem that no developer has seen in person, we have to rely on help from those very few who *are* seeing the problem.

@Avi Stiefel :
If you would like to help us identifying the bug so that it can be hopefully fixed, you can try to use a debug build and attach to a comment in this thread the log file. This could help the developers in casting some light on what is causing the crash in your system.
Here is a debug build of one of the lastest commit ( 8862dcf ):
How to use it:
- download the zip archive (~154 MB; md5 checksum cbb8a6a873653145b046d063785d2ebe);
- unzip the zip archive (~496 MB when uncompressed);
- double-click on the script "reset_and_debug.bat" inside the folder.
This script makes a factory reset (i.e. reset all its parameters to the default) of the development version of MuseScore and launches it with the "-d" (debug log) flag. It records the debug output in the file "log_file.txt", which will be saved in the same folder.
You can then attach this log_file.txt to a comment.
Please note that this development version can live alongside with MuseScore 1.3 and MuseScore 2.0.1 without interfering with them.

Thank you for your help.


As it turns out, there are quite a few more than 2 or 3 users affected by this problem but clearly the 2.0 (2.1) works marvellously for most users (as 1.3 works marvellously for me). I note that some users have managed to get around the problem with some of the solutions provided, great work.

I'm watching all the proposed fixes and hope to get '2' to work one day, in the meantime please keep 1.3 available. Your music notation software has given many of my old scores 'something to live for'.

What makes you say there are significantly more than 2 or 3? Are they posting somewhere other than here or the support forum? Because there really only are a very small handful of reports here. If you have seen such reports elsewhere, please ask these users to report here with relevant system information. Maybe if they do so, we can determine the common element. We can't help if people don't post here and report their findings.

I don't want to have an argument, the software is great. I'm sure 2.0 (2.1) is too, for most people. However, so far I've counted 8 people not including myself. There have been a number of independent threads of a similar complaint which I was following until it became clear that I was out of my depth, insofar as providing any assistance was concerned. It is very unlikely that the nine of us are the only ones, though we are clearly a small percentage. I don't expect that the issue is easy to identify, nor is it easy for me to provide assistance - computer technology is not my strong suit. I also recognise that some of the other affected users have managed to use a fix or otherwise get around the issue. For my part, I've put 2.0 out of my mind for the moment - whilst I have 1.3, I don't need it.

Could you post links to those threads, then? I suspect you are confusing other unrelated problems with this one. For example, there are certainly others with simple crashes on startup, that seem to be caused by a browser plugin conflict that is solved by running with the new "-w" option. But I see no reason to assume that other problem is related to whatever is going on here, since this is not just a crash, and the ”-w" option doesn't fix it.

I do not recall seeing many other people describing the specific problem seen in this thread - a complete freeze of the computer that isn't fixed with "-w". I know of only one in the forum plus the two or three here (since the OP never responded, we don't even know if "-w" fixes his problem, in which case, it is not the same as the problem we are now trying to understand).

I'm not trying to argue either - I'm trying to help gather information. Problems aren't solved by putting them out of my mind, but by working together to understand the cause. Please, if you know of others having this specific problem, help us out by posting links to those posts.

I don't remember if you already answered to this question, so please forgive me if somebody already asked you: did you try to run MuseScore with the "-w" option?

Have you tried also with the portable version ( )? Does it freeze as the "regular" one?

You could also try to perform the steps of this comment: ?
if we are lucky, the log file could give us some clues of what is going on.

Thank you for your help in trying to identify what is going wrong.

I was having this issue as well for a while. I had used Musescore 1.3 for years and upgraded to 2.0 (when it was still in Beta). I got used to 2.0 and decided to uninstall 1.3. I then accidentally uninstalled 2.0, which meant I had to reinstall. When I then went to use it, I found that my computer completely froze upon opening. I tried rebooting the computer, uninstalling/reinstalling, and even hacking it through Command Prompt (I am on Windows 8.1).

I finally decided to open it up, which froze the computer. I instead this time let it just sit there doing nothing and came back an hour later to find MuseScore 2.0 open. What it did I don't know, but it somehow worked for me, and it's been working fine ever since.

@trumpet_boy could you explain which tip fixed your problem? This way we can learn from this problem and help other people in the future with a similar issue. Thanks.

I recently had the same problem. Apparently it happened because I installed Encore. Once I uninstalled Encore, Musecore stopped freezing my computer. My OS is Windows 8.1. I hope it helps.

I have the same problem, however, after waiting for several minutes, it eventually proceeded, and seemed to have started nicely. Except that there was no sound. After searching for the cause, I noticed that my sound driver had crashed. Just for testing purposes, I uninstalled the sound driver and restarted my PC. MuseScore started fine after that. Installing the sound driver again, problem re-occured. After another reboot, I started Ableton and all seemed to work fine there. Could it be that some sound drivers and MuseScore don't get along properly ?

Could be. Did you check the "Known incompatibilities" section of the Handbook?

So far there is no particular reason to assume the issue you are having is actually the same as the one someone was experiencing in a previous release a year and a half ago. Probably best to continue this discussion with a new thread in the Support forum, and then if it is determined that there is a separate issue, open a new one here.