[Website] Improving the menu structure & copywriting

• Jun 16, 2010 - 09:44
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The menu has grown a little over the past months up to 10 menu items.
It's important to keep a menu structure lean and mean so I will do some tests to improve the menu.

The issue tracker link is moved to the Account menu block so you need to log in. It's also available under the development link.
The link to the translation server has been removed. It's available under the development link as well.
I'm thinking to remove the plugins link and move it into the Download page.

I'll communicate further on changes via this issue.

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I would like to move the plugins page under the Download page and give it it's own section perhaps.
The first section of the download page needs to be condensed as well. There is to much text. Instead, we can use a list or table.

Thomas: In my experience tables on download pages are confusing to the average user. Because is difficult to understand what they are for. For example if you see a download table with installers, bins, source codes and you don´t know what they are or what they are you will download all or get scarred and don´t download anything at all.

"Donate " would need more emphasis. For example, the whole Paypal logo could be included. It's a well known logo and some people don't even know that there is a donate option on musescore.org. Even day to day visitors.
See : http://musescore.org/en/node/6128

Regarding the download page, a possible example could be the Mixxx one.
Note that the Paypal button is there as well.

At the same time, a Musescore.Com link would be nice. See : http://musescore.com/node/2541

Title [Website] Improving the menu structure paypal donate issue

This is a little silly, but when I want to donate through Paypal I'm afraid to, since when I type in 10, for ten dollars, Paypal uses a comma instead of a period, so it looks like I'm possibly giving ten thousand dollars!

I searched again and I couldn't find a solution for the decimal character. I expected I could set a parameter in paypals url to change the character from comma to a point, ... but no. Hmmm

If you are in Europe, I think PayPal is using the european standard of decimals which is a comma. I have no idea on how to change it. Over here in America, PayPal uses the decimal point for the default.

Title paypal donate issue [Website] Improving the menu structure & copywriting

We started with a brainstorm for the menu structure overhaul and more general, the complete musescore.org website. See this Google Doc.