Break beam

• Jun 1, 2015 - 05:31

Can I break beam ?

I want to break four quavers beamed together to two lots of two quavers beamed together.



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A simple double click should do the trick every time. Perhaps you are clicking too slowly, and you simply need to adjust the double click speed sensitivity in your mouse settings. It's also possible you are accidentally double clicking the note, thus putting it into Edit mode and temporarily locking out other operations.

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If a simple double click didn't do it, it has to be one of the two things I mentioned - you either didn't do it fast enough, or you accidentally entered Edit mode first. Because double click really does work reliably when done correctly.

EDIT: I guess it is also possible your mosue button is starting to fail.

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Beam and spacer?

My music teacher is pruff reading my music sheets, very strictly. She wants the spacer (or the rest) to face to the left. Example attached.

She also wants the beam to stop as in my example. How do I do them in version 2.2 my O.S. is Windows 7 on a 64 bit laptop.??

The examples are not made in MuseScore.


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A spacer is not something visible - it's something you add to a score to create extra space between staves. What you are showing is a rest. But it's backwards - that's incorrect notation. The beaming is also incorrect. You should not beam a note on the "&" of one beat with a note on the next beat (except when beaming the complete beat).

Are you *sure* your music teacher asked for this? Is this for some unusual experimental? Can you explain the purpose a little better? Is it possible that the first rest is actually supposed to be a *quarter* rest instead of an *eighth* rest? If so, that would explain the beaming, but MuseScore would be doing this automatically as well.

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