[0.9.6] System text disappears if top staff is hidden because empty

• Jul 2, 2010 - 13:28
S4 - Minor

I'm not sure this bug has already been reported: I searched for it and I found similar but not identical reports.

1) Create a score with several staves
2) Leave the top staff empty and add some notes to the second
3) Add some system text; I tried: tempo indications and rehearsal marks
4) In "Style | General style..." check the "Hide empty staves" check box

Result: the system texts disappear.

Expected result. the system texts should remain visible (regardless they are actually attached to the top staff).

A sample score is attached.

As an aside:
In more complex scores (a dozen of staves, several of them empty), it occurred to me the following:
1) Having created a tempo indication when the first staff was hidden because empty,
2) the text was not exported to the part for the second staff (the one visible)
3) Re-enabling the display of empty staves, two tempo indications appeared, at slightly different vertical position; neither of them was selectable or deletable.
I cannot replicate the situation at the moment; possibly it was an interaction between several style parameters.


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