TAB - Modified stem direction - don't work properly

• Jun 3, 2015 - 11:02
S4 - Minor

1 - Type a new song for guitar - using a template with 2 linked staves (for treble clef and TAB )
2 - Modify some 'advanced style properties' in the TAB stave
3 - All new setups working fine - except the stem position -

Affect in the score is just a longer stave distance - but stems stay always above the stave -
- although in preview the position changes correct between above and below -

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Your measure contains two voices. In this case, MuseScore needs to put the stem up for voice 1 and down for voice 2. In your example, it happens that voice 2 has not stem because it only has whole notes... but still.

The staff distance is a bug though.

Status (old) closed active

The implemented fix was made of two parts:

1) Adjusting the blank distance below a tab staff, when there were no stems below; this is consistent with other staff distance calculations in the programme (lyrics and similar).

2) In multi-voice measures, forcing voice 1 stems to follow the "Above/Below" setting of the tab configf dlg box and voice 2 stems to go to the other side.

The original working for point 2) -- having voice 1 stems always above and voice 2 stems always below, in multi-voice measures -- was by design and users are complaining that this fix is producing unexpected results in the majority of cases (see this forum post and this other forum post ).

So, I suggest part 2) of this fix to be reverted.