Lines over empty measures overlap with multimeasure rests

• Jul 10, 2015 - 07:38

MuseScore 2.0.1 / Windows 7

1) Open this file: ottavas parts.mscz
2) Generate parts -> View all -> Ok
3) View Part
Result: the ottavas lines overlap
overlap 1.jpg
4) Return in main score
5) Press "M" (for create multimeasure rests)
Result: same as after step #3
6) Press again "M"

Result: inexpected also: the lines extend now on the four measures.
overlap 2.jpg
Priority: minor. Because an ottava over a single *rest* makes no sense at all, so it really won't be an issue in practice.

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Further information:

It isn't limited to parts; it's really about multimeasure rests. You can see the same effect replacing steps 2 & 3 with just pressing "M" - or skipping steps 2-4 and going straight to step 5 above.

Also, the issue isn't just ottavas - it occurs for any lines, including hairpins, etc. Only voltas are immune, because they break the mmrest.

Even so, I still consider this minor because there really no obviously "right" answer here - nothing in particular one can say we should be doing instead. You wouldn't normally be putting lines in empty measures, and if you do, you probably want to break the multimeasure rest there. My guess is, this will never be "fixed" because it isn't at all obvious what the fix would even be.

However, the fact that the formatting is messed up after turning mmrests back off is rather worse, so I have filed it separately: #68466: Lines in empty measures change length on toggling multimeasure rests