8va text reverts to default 12 when other "line properties" are changed

• Jul 16, 2015 - 16:08
S4 - Minor

Drag and drop an 8va line with end hook to a score. Go into line properties and change the beginning text-size to 10pt. Exit the box and check that changes have been applied. Now go into line properties again and change the length of the end hook.

Expected result: End hook length should change.
ACTUAL result: Text also resets to default 12 pt!

A similar issue has been reported previously. When you change the text size of 8va text then exit and return to the line properties, the "text size" field still reads the default 12.

(Nightly: 096e59f)


Confirmed. There's not an actual issue for the previous report, is there? Just a forum post? Don't bother creating one if there isn't; it' almsot certainly the same issue.

Seems to affect ottava only, not pedal or other text lines.

FWIW, there is a text style for ottava, so assuming you aren't trying to have one ottava have smaller text that the rest, it would be simpler & more effective to just change the style. It won't affect existing lines, but due to this bug, all you will need to do to update a line to the default is go to Line Properties and clikc OK.

Reported version 2.1  
Regression No
Workaround No

OS: Windows , Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (32-bit): 2.3.2, revision: 4592407

This issue seems to be fixed in 2.3.