The cursor navigation stops at each measure end in Tab staff when voices > 1

• Jul 19, 2015 - 20:31
S4 - Minor

MuseScore 2.0.2 / Windows7

First reported in this thread:

1) Open this file: test file cursor.mscz

2) Select "0" in Tab staff -> "N"

3) With right arrow, add three quarter notes, and try to continue the same way in the second measure.

Result: The cursor stops at the end of the first measure. Can not continue. Same behaviour with the voices 3 and 4.

- This issue occurs on July 12.

This is a side effect of this commit:…
To fix: #63176: Note input cursor glitches for voice >1 when advancing into gaps


Don't hesitate to post if you find any behaviors here that seem wrong. There have been many changes to the specifics of how navigation works in various cases over the past year, and I'd *like* to think it's now about as good as it can be.

I just noticed one - something odd happens if you try navigating *backwards* into a gap. A measure with four quarter notes in voice 2, note input mode, navigate to first quarter, hit left arrow. Nothing apears to happen, but if you try entering a note, you'll see it is entered in the previous measure. I will see if I can fix that as well.

Another glitch I found is that moving the cursor forward into an empty measure is only possible if there is no subsequent measure with notes in that voice - otherwise the cursor skips empty measures and jumps right to the next note in that voice. That's OK in normal mode but not note input.

Here is a test file for some of the cases I wanted to be sure would work. Ideally, one would always get predictable results - moving note by note or measure by measure at most - with both cursor right and cursor left. That's not the case currently but is with my PR

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