Staccato dot application from palette different from using shortcut

• Jul 22, 2015 - 10:28
S5 - Suggestion

See Adding staccato dots by double-clicking or shortcut - a bug

The application of staccato from the palette causes the "focus" to switch immediately to the dot. This is handy because the user can immediately fine-tune the dot position (without having to click on the dot).

However if the staccato is applied by shortcut the focus stays on the note, so the user has to click on the dot to fine-tune it.

IMO the shortcut staccato should apply like the palette staccato, the focus immediately switching to the staccato dot.


I'm not sure I agree - I don't find the need to adjust position of articulations anywhere near as common as the need to then enter more articulations - either the same note or another - and having the focus remain on the note facilitates this. If there is consensus that this represent an improvement, it could certainly be considered, but to me it seems a step backwards.

Yesterday I found myself wishing to apply a downbow and a fermata to an entire column of notes (by the way, any guidelines as to which should appear above the other?). I selected the notes, double-clicked one articulation/ornament, and then had to re-select them before I could apply the other. I agree with Marc—I definitely would prefer it if the focus remained on the notes in the general double-click case.