Measure changes position inexplicably / score layout differs between systems

• Jul 25, 2015 - 16:30
S4 - Minor

(Windows 7 HP. MuseScore 2.02). See

Open the attached score and use END to go straight to the end of the score. Keep your eye on bar 76. Now press Ctrl + A. The bar shifts position to the previous system for no reason. In fact, any change you make to the score whatsoever, even to "score info", will cause the bar to shift to the previous system. And when I saved the changed score, the changes were lost on reopening.

However on another system a different view was reported and a line break needed to be created after bar 71, forcing the new system to start at bar 72, to reproduce the issue.

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bar_shifts_position.mscz 52.76 KB


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Cause could be any of thousand things, and since you can't reproduce the other case, let's not assume this is the same thing just because it happens to have similar symptoms. And in particular, the score attached to the other issue won't necessarily expose the same problem that the score attached to this issue does.