Copy/Paste notes over rest of diff. durations in staves

• Sep 22, 2010 - 02:42
S4 - Minor

1. Open a new piano score, 4/4, three measures.
2. Put a quarter note on any note on the first beat in both the treble and bass
3. In treble staff, insert a eighth rest (should read eighth,eighth,quarter,half, all rest). The bass staff should still have a whole rest.
4. Copy just the first beat (both treble/bass quarter notes), and paste it starting on the second eighth rest.
Result - Corrupt 2nd measure due to rest not lining up before paste happened.
If you try to delete the corrupt measure contents (del, not ctrl-del), it corrupts other measures then it corrupts the history too if you try to undo (as in one of the measures will still be corrupted with unusable beats to use).
If you undo right after you pasted and the corrupt measure appears, history is not corrupted.
The reason for three measures and not two is because if you deleted the corrupt measure when it appears, it doesn't corrupt other measures. Still corrupts after paste though.

Attached images:
1.png Show after I've completed the steps.
2.png After selecting all of measure 2, both treble and bass and pressing delete. (not ctrl-del, which deletes the entire measure)

Stable 0.9.3 rev 3489, ubuntu

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Status (old) active fixed

A cheap fix is in r3492 (branch)
It's cheap because it does not past in a staff where there is no chord or rest at the given tick. So in the case of this bug report, it only paste the first staff but at least it should not mess the second staff.

A clean fix would be to create from nothing a 8th rest on the second staff. A function to create rest in a given track between two ticks would be great :)

Status (old) fixed active

I changed status to "active" until we have a clean fix. Lowered the priority to normal since there is no more measure corruption.