[trunk] Changing time signature without rewriting does not work

• Sep 28, 2010 - 23:04
S4 - Minor

Trunk - r35

  1. Create a 4/4 score
  2. Add a couple of notes
  3. Change the time signature to 2/4
  4. Answer no when you are asked if MuseScore needs to rewrite the measures

Expected result: The same than in 0.9.6
Actual result: a 2/4 score with 4 quarters per measure and the measure actual duration is not changed.


Isn't precisely that the purpose of answering "No" to that question, i.e. NOT changing the existing measures? In practice, I'm feeling this issue should be closed with "by design".

(There are use cases for not rewriting the notes; when there are irregular measures, for instance, I usually do not want them to be regularized).


Miwarre, if you try answering "No" then you will see that the current behavior is not expected (every measure remains in 4/4 actual and nominal yet there is a 2/4 time signature displayed in the front)

Could you share a sample score with irregular measures and show what you would expect for this scenario? I'm not understanding the use case yet.

Attached is a simple score with one line and two irregular measures, the first and the last.

Assuming I change the time from 4/4 to C or to C/, "do not rewrite measures" for me means keeping all the measures (included, I dare say above all, the two irregular measures) as they are, without normalizing them.

Less clear to me is what answering "Yes" could mean: converting the first and the last measures to full C or C/ measures, supplying rests for the new parts?


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Then it's misleading. Because rewrite measure is meant for changing from two timesig with a different number of beats I guess. I don't see a use case to override irregular measures.

Then it is answering "Yes" which does not work (rev. 3527):

If, in the above example, I change the time sig. to 2/4, 3/4 or whatever, and I answer "Yes" to the question, the score gets truncated after the first 4 crochets (and, BTW, the anacrusis goes away, the first crochet becoming the first note of the first full measure).