Historic Tabs: allow input and display of bass strings notation

• Aug 17, 2015 - 13:56
S5 - Suggestion

This subject had been plainly discussed on this thread: https://musescore.org/en/node/67261
But I don't remind of an expression of a feature request, here, on the Issue Tracker.

I quickly fix this oversight (and for reference.)
This is really the time to do it, especially as this feature was merged this morning! - :)


Some of my instruments (2 lutes and 3 multi-strings guitars) thanks you warmly :)
In appreciation, I offer you this minuet entered with this new feature these last few minutes. The first one, I am sure, with Musescore :) Menuet.mscz

I got used quickly, and it saves a considerable time with this notation. Thanks again to Miwarre for the work.

 I spotted one or two unexpected things in the display at the time of playback (number 6 following the cursor over each time), and I received a crash, it's natural for any important new feature ( it was by choosing "None" instead "Stems and Beams). But I can not reproduce for now. I continue for testing.

EDIT: ah, I forgot. Alas, the navigation in the Tab staff for the basses notation (Voice 2) is hampered by this bug: #69866: The cursor navigation stops at each measure end in Tab staff when voices > 1 :(

To clarify the content of the message # 2:

In the case of two voices, there is indeed a bug with displaying of slashs or numbers of the "extra basses" into the navigation cursor when the playback is launched (I will fill later).

As for the crash, in the light of what I tested and in my memory, I think it was related to the addition of a frame and a title in one of my test files for this new feature.
What I realized later ... and therefore reported here: #73716: Add or modify text in a frame followed by playback start causes a crash

EDIT: with the following file, you can both admire (!) the characteristics of the new feature, and experiment the crash after modifying the title and starting the playback! :) Sarabande Weiss.mscz