Add or modify text in a frame followed by playback start causes a crash

• Aug 17, 2015 - 19:47
S2 - Critical

Nigthly 1229937/ Windows7

1) Choose the first template "Treble Clef" -> Next -> Finish
2) Add -> Frames -> Insert Vertical Frame
3) Right-click -> Add -> Text or Title (but it's not necessary at this step to add really text or title)
4) Escape
5) Start playback

Result: crash

- Other example:

1) Open "My First Score"
2) Double-click (for Edit mode) on "Title" -> Ctrl +A
3) Simply change the size, or the font, or change the character (italics, etc.)
4) Escape
5) Start playback

Result: crash


After checking, this issue occurs today.

- It works fine with this Nightly: 0391880

- But not with this one, encompassing two commits: 1229937

For now, I don't know what and where happens.

Indeed, the two issues are resolved together by this single fix. Astonishing (for me... I had not understood the link between the two... Now, many more!) Thank you.

Now, it's a pity: it remains the problem of the cursor navigation in Tabs and Voice 2 (and upper) to completely enjoy this great feature.

Yes, of course, I am referring to this.
Thanks to take a look, because with the new feature for bass notation, this bug becomes really suddenly a disability. To input these "extra" basses, you must use, inevitably, the Tab staff and the keyboard (arrows etc.) So, you are plunged into the heart of the subject... :(

I founded a workaround (the "R" key, to "cross" the next measure, and so on at each measure...) but it breaks the mood! More seriously, I think that it is really not reasonable to let act this bug at this inconvenience level in the entering of bass strings.