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• Jan 14, 2009 - 17:07

How do you change the settings for barnumbers?

I cant seem to find it anywhere. I inserted a number of bars and now the system with the new bars doesn't show a bar number like the other systems do. I would like to show the barnumber for that bar or switch of bar numbers completely, but I don't know how.
Also I would like to pick the bar number to start on myself. In transcribing solos what is written doesn't start at bar . It would be nice if I could indicate the actual bar number so that it matches the recording.

MuseScore 0.9.4 - 1426
Ubuntu intrepid


From the "Style" menu choose "Edit Style...". In the left pane click on "Numbers". This gives you a few options for measure numbers. It doesn't allow a starting number other than 1, but you could add a large multi-measure rest as the beginning to get the measure numbers to match.

David Bolton's info is unfortunately now outdated. In Musescore 2 you have to go Style>General, and then in the left tab select "Header, Footer, Numbers" at the bottom of that, there are options for bar numbers, including the ever-useful option to add a bar number to every bar.

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I had a problem with this, having downloaded a score, with apparently no bar numbers at all, even though the Bar numbers box was ticked. In fact, every box except 'interval' was ticked.

It turned out that I had to also tick the 'interval' box to make them reappear. Strange really, as the score I was preparing doesn't have the 'interval' box ticked but it does have bar numbers at the start of each page.

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My misunderstanding, I think, I'm fairly new to this.

On closer inspection, it was set to 'every system', but obviously, I now realise when I viewed it in continuous view, there is only 1 system.

I know the bar number appears in blue on the left side, but I was getting confused about which precise bar that indicated. Also complicated by the fact that I was trying to match 2 disparate transposing intruments, and one of the scores a tone lower.

Anyway, problem solved, thanks.

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To be clear: a "system" is a line of music. So "every system" means at the beginning of every line of music (left hand edge of the page). This setting does work. As mentioned, if you are in continuous view, then by definition, there is only one system, which would explain why you are not seeing anything - there is nothing to see.

If however you are in page view and are looking at the beginnings of each system (line of music) and not seeing the bar numbers, please attached the score you are having problems with so we can see what is going on.

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