Parentheses for notes

• Oct 10, 2010 - 11:38
S5 - Suggestion

This is either a feature request or a bug report. Could be either.

Sometimes it is useful to be able to put parentheses () round notes to indicate they are not played on all repeats. This is particularly useful in songs. Currently parentheses can only be put round accidentals to indicate they are reminders.


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yes, but how do you succeed in putting together in the same space of time : a quarter note, and at its sides, a quaver in parentheses ? so that for example in a psalm, for the first stanza, the quarter should be sung, for another stanza, two quavers instead, following the text under the stave ?
for example see the file attached

thanks it would be of much help !

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For a song with many parenthetical notes, it's rather laborious to click and drag the parentheses over and over again to each note, especially when one needs to align them properly. I'll agree this ought to be a feature of MuseScore.

That is why you can select multiple notes (click one, Ctrl+click more) and then double click the brackets in the noteheads palette to apply to all in one go

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Thanks Soichi. I've discovered that it is even simpler than that: parentheses that you got by double clicking on notehead symbol come by pair, but their are independent so you can just delete all but the first one and the last one of the group.
Note by doing that I have discovered that making one of them invisible move it and that undo reset the visibility but not the change of position which is clearly a bug.