Initial octave way off during note input after mmrests

• Aug 28, 2015 - 20:44
S4 - Minor

Ubuntu 14.04, GIT commit: 699a5ee

Interesting glitch I discovered while working on other mmrest issues:

1) load attached file
2) click the non-mmrest measure in alto part
3) note input mode
4) type "C"



This one fixes itself after toggling mmrests off & on (and will not appear until a save and reload after initially turning mmrests on), so it will presumably have to do with the fact that the underlying measures are not laid out yet. Probably we are looking for a clef in a measure that has not had one generated.

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initial-pitch.mscz 6.16 KB


This issue appears on August 14/or end August 13, 2014 (more a year, still!) :(

- I receive an expected result with this Nightly: 8dedc28
13 août.jpg

- Not with this one: 3d19d74

14 août.jpg

Not easy to be sure:
Maybe in the last commit of August 13:…
To fix: #29431: Dragging clef, bracket, or spacer to score should highlight only target staff, not full system

Or, more likely, as said, on August 14, here?…
But this commit is too long for me... I lose the thread! :(