Instrument change, Album, Table of instruments

• Sep 6, 2015 - 09:29
S5 - Suggestion

If I change B clarinet to flute (for example) The play transposition behaves stil like for clarinet. But flute should not transpose. I suggest that change instrument causes also change of transposing and maybe invokes appearing a new clef and key signature.

This strategy would be useful also by making an album. There may be some scores, that you want to join, but they can have diferent instrumental cast. But sometimes the difference can be only in names. If is possible change instrument along one stave, you can keep the instrument in joined score, as the original autor has set. I thing it will look nice. Actualy is setting of instrument ubordinated to the instrumentsetting of the first score. Actual strategy is able to join parts that does not play one player. Alternative is to have all parts and hide which are not used.

But problem begins, when you want to create parts. So then could be the albuming in steps. First step is to select scores and sort them in order. Next step is to open the part table. It could have collumns for every score and rows for parts. It could open with instantly suggested continuity. It means which parts belong to one player. User then could change that, as he needs. This strategy you can combine with the all parts strategy. User just marks, which parts of different scores plays one player. Instantly this are parts with the same name, but user could declare also diferent parts as the same. And mybe the parts with the same name could declare as different. Some part with the same name may not be played vith one player possibly. By setting more parts as the same can be reduced number of parts in all parts strategy.

Different way could be that something like is the work with part table could be done only with creating parts. But it does not help with reducing number of parts.


GIT commit: 3543170


I searched many issues with corresponding names, but they dealed with some else problem. While the searching I foung interesting thing. Ii is possible, thah one player can play one stav (flute) but later he can play multistav (organ).