Palm Mutes in tablature format

• Sep 9, 2015 - 20:08

Normally, palm mutes on a guitar tab have a "X" note head to represent a palm mute. Strange thing is that you can technically make a palm mute with a cross note head on a staff but not on a guitar tab. Is this some kind of glitch or is the software unable to produce guitar palm mutes yet? I'm aware staccatos can be used instead of the "X" but I'm looking for this particular note head.


As mentioned in the Handbook under Tablature, you can get that symbol on a tab staff by pressing "Shift+X" - except the Handbook calls them ghost notes, and the information is buried pretty well. so its easy to miss.

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It’s not clear what you mean here, but if you attach your score and describe your issue in more detail, we can understand and assist better.

My best guess is that you mean, you have figured out that one a way to get playback is to copy/paste the notes to a separate staff. There are other ways to that might be better, or not, depending on the situation.

Sorry to disagree, but palm mute has not X head, this is another different technique.
The X head is a string muted by the left hand thus producing a noise instead of a tone. How you would know which fret to play with a X head on a TAB????.
However, palm mute is produced by the right palm on the string placed as near the bridge as you can, thus producing a muted version of the note, but preserving the tone.
The correct symbol of palm mutting is the following line above the note section:

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