[trunk r.3646] Clutter after end-start repeat sign (with patch)

• Oct 29, 2010 - 23:16
S4 - Minor

Steps: Load the attached sample score.
Result: After an end-start repeat sign, the space between the sign and the following note is quite narrow. In meas. 5, the accidental almost touches the repeat sign. With a simple start repeat sign, there is a little more room, but still too little.
Expected result: the repeat signs take some (or more than currently) room and the following symbols are moved to the right.


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Update: Start repeat sign is probably correct; issue remains for end-start repeat sign.

Analysis: issue seems caused by a difference between the element spacing used in bar line drawing (function void BarLine::draw(QPainter& p, ScoreView*) const in file barline.cpp) and in bar line layout (function void BarLine::layout(), same file).

The former uses:
*) 2 * dot width
*) 2 * thin line width
*) 1 * thick line width
*) 4 * end bar distance

while the latter uses only:
*) 2 * dot width
*) 1 * thin line width
*) 1 * thick line width
*) 3 * end bar distance

Patch: The attached patch corrects the void BarLine::layout() function adding the missing spacing elements.



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