tremolo plays longer then it should (FluidR3_GM.sf2)

• Oct 30, 2010 - 16:33
S4 - Minor

Violin tremollo plays longer than is note value.

Thanks for your work


Aha, I probly see. The problem looks to be in sound font. I use "FluidR3_GM.sf2". I attach some notes and the result sound I recorded by audacity. If you have some suggestion for good sound font I'll download and use it. (I would like even pay some money, but the bank transaction from CZkrowns to dollars or euro I can't do.) But the sintesizer should stop playing the canal when it gets "note off" iven the sound sequence is not finished.

system: M$ Windows XP
ver: 0,9,6,3

Good bye.

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Title tremolo plays longer then it has to tremolo plays longer then it should (FluidR3_GM.sf2)
Status (old) needs info active

Confirmed using FluidR3_GM.sf2 (MuseScore, Windows 7)

Status (old) active closed
Status active closed

As we're now at an entirely different version of MuseScore and soundfont, I guess we can close this one.
Reopen if the issue still exists in 2.2.1 and MuseScore_General.sf3