[trunk] Transpose does not change first key signature

• Nov 3, 2010 - 22:09
S4 - Minor

Transposing a score changes only the notes, and leaves the key signature untouched.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a new score or open an existing score (for example, the default Promenade)
2. Select Notes -> Transpose from the menu, and agree to transpose the whole score.
3. Keep the defaults selected (Transpose by Key, Closest, Transpose key signatures, transpose chord names, use double sharps and flats)
4. Select a key that is different from the currently used key signature for the score, and press OK.

Expected behaviour:
The notes are transposed according to the interval indicated by the new key, and the key signature is changed accordingly.

Actual behaviour:
The notes are transposed, but the key signature is unchanged.

This can also be observed when using the Concert Pitch button.

Tested with r3666 (self-built) on Ubuntu 10.10


This may 14th 2012, Ubuntu 11.04, compiled 5524:5535M

Select all >Notes>Transpose>By key signature (from F to G)
nothing change
(re)Open Mscore> the transposed score is available.

Title [trunk] Transpose does not change key signature [trunk] Transpose does not change first key signature

I think it's more due to the selection feature than the transpose feature. Only the first key is ignored. If you add a key signature somewhere in the middle of your score, the key sig is transposed.

No... discard what I said. Transposition of the key is working except for C major / A minor if you created the score in Cmajor A minor. If you drag and drop the C major key sig on the first measure. It seems to work.