Lyric pasting should break at hyphens

• Nov 9, 2010 - 06:36

Steps to reproduce bug
1. Copy the text:

hy-phen-at-ed words

2. Open the Promenade demo score
3. Click to select a note in measure 1, treble staff
4. Create > Text > Lyrics
5. Edit > Paste (repeat until all the text has been pasted)

Expected behavior: The five-syllable phrase "hy-phen-at-ed words" should space out over five notes

Actual behavior: The five-syllable phrase is placed under only two notes. The lyrics break at the spaces only and ignore hyphens.

MuseScore version: r. 3689 nightly trunk

(Operating System: Windows 7)



I'm new to MuseScore and I'm impressed overall. This is the first glaring issue that I've come across. For pasting lyrics with ease, it'd be really helpful if it broke at the hyphens. Is there any work being done on this?

If you don't mind: may we increase the priority? It is worse: you can't copy already existing lyrics from other voices. I haven't discovered any possibility to add lyrics to a 6 voices vocal score other by typing the whole lyrics of all verses 6 times. May be minor bug, but it causes a huge effort for the user.

ArminB, copy and paste of existing lyrics syllables from within a score actually has its own thread. See #3911: Copy paste of multiple lyric syllables

In the meantime you may find that copying everything (including notes) may save you some time if the notes are similar for all six verses (the lyrics are copied with the notes, it is just copying of the lyrics independent of the notes that is not yet implemented).

Thanks for the help. Sorry I was to quick complaining. By using a text editor and copy (a whole line) paste it (note by note) from there, I can do what I want even with hy- phen- a- ted words (as long as I use a blank between the syllables).

Status (old) duplicate active

Jojo-Schmitz: I believe this technically different (it is probably possible to fix one without fixing the other) so I'm marking as active.

ArminB: The method you mention may meet your needs, but it only approximates a proper hyphen. Notice that your pasted hyphens are not centered between the syllables.

lasconic: It is less likely that the copied text will be in the form of your last two list items (items 2 and 3 above), but ideally MuseScore would ignore the white space around hyphens and treat it identically as the first form (item 1 above).

I would probably ignore underscores, at least in the first implementation. When I see underscores in plain text forms of lyrics, they are often used as a substitute for lyrics slurs (or "synalepha" as the handbook currently calls them )

Status (old) closed active

chen lung:
Priority-wise, this is considered a minor bug :).
For those who approach musescore from a choral perspective, this is a larger issue, your comment is not helpful.

What should happen for the following?

  1. hy-phen-at-ed words
  2. hy - phen - at - ed words
  3. hy- phen- at- ed words

Same question with underscore?
if anyone wants to try it the relevant code is currently (8760f4322a) in lyrics.cpp in the paste() function.
My understanding is that this feature is now usable with

Thank you lasconic. Currently (v1.3 r5702) only #3 "works". #1 gives a note for the whole word (irrespective of the hyphen), and #2 will assign a note to the hyphen itself. The output from the "hyphenator" generates type #1 output and so fails.
What should happen is that all of them just work. The user should not have to worry why it's not working when their input is sufficiently definitive. Numbers 1,2&3 are all pointing to the same desired outcome: a note at each syllable. The solution is to be in the software, not in training the the user for more gymnastics. Unless someone points out a compelling argument otherwise, this is how I'll proceed.

As far as how the hyphen is presented in the lyrics, the desired outcome would have it equally spaced between the syllables. My first pass will just place it after the syllable unless a solution presents itself.

I just started using musescore yesterday and have not seen the code but am working on a choral piece so this issue is in my way (and subsequent others as this issue is over a year old).

I know not the importance of handling underscores in the lyrics. I will do nothing to change behavior in this regard.

Thank you for pointing out the location of this functionality.