TAB: scale change in staff properties shows wrong stems length of unbeamed notes

• Sep 24, 2015 - 15:36
S4 - Minor

Nightly 1d8a874/ Windows7

First reported:

1) New "Guitar Tablature" template (so, common type) -> Finish -> Add some notes with different note values (half notes, quarter notes, 8th, etc.), or open this file: test file.mscz

2) Right-click -> Staff Properties -> In "Scale" box, change the default value (100,0%) for eg 250,0%

- Expected result: the stems of the beamed notes and unbeamed notes remains aligned, on the same "basis"
- Current result: the unbeamed notes (quarter notes, half notes) have an unexpected length by extending to the bottom.
(of course, same related result with a scale eg 50,0%)

unbeamed notes .jpg


Thanks for the investigation!

FWIW, I have an outstanding PR that deals, among other things, with stem lengths of staves with non-standard line spacing. I went out of my way in the PR to not change anything about how tab stem lengths were calculated, but that was based on assuming we like how they are calculated already. It seems then there might be some reason to revisit this, but maybe it could be done in conjunction with my PR. Here it is:

Status (old) active patch (ready to commit)

PR with fix pushed to github:

The feature "new scaling of staff size" you quote possibly revealed a pre-existent but latent bug, introduced by an old commit of mines (2013) which used the chord scale to scale grace note stems in "stems-beside-staff" TABs; apparently this chord scale is a multiple (usually 1 for normal chords) of the staff scale. Eventually, this resulted in the scale being applied twice to the stem, once as chord scale and once as staff scale.

I changed the stem length scaling to reflect this.

@Marc in #4: I think this issue has nothing to do with staff line spacing (either standard or non-standard); tab stems beside staff are independent from line spacing and are managed independently as they have very different constrains.

So, I believe my PR and your PR can go no independently.