Program crashes when using slurs

• Nov 23, 2010 - 19:36
Graphical (UI)
S2 - Critical

In linux- ubuntu 10.0.4. Program version
When using slurs through the palette, occurs that when I drag the slur to a note, the program closes. I've tried installing again and doesn't work.

Also when the program offers to recover the file I was using, doesn't recover it properly. Normally it shows a previus version of the file (I mean, something I did an hour ago, not ten minutes ago)



When I drag a slur from the palette I don't get a crash (tested using MuseScore, Windows XP). Can you provide more details? Maybe a screencase . Does this have every time with every score or just one particular score?

Regarding your last question, MuseScore auto-saves a backup copy every two minutes (per Preference setting). Restarting after a crash MuseScore asks if you want to view the auto-saved version or the last manually saved version.

The error happens to me in every score. Maybe some ubuntu users can report what they get.

About the screencase... I'm afraid that concept is new to me. But I'll try to find how to do it and report it if possible.

Thanks for your quick reply!!

I got an screencast of the bug but the video is in mpg format and I can't upload it. Any email I can send it to?

Thank you for this awesome program and support