Unpredictable results when copying time signature from one measure to another

• Sep 28, 2015 - 09:06
S4 - Minor

Hello, musescore 2.02 is crashing every time I try to copy time signature from one bar to another.

+ I request in the future a function in the future that it could alternate between different time signatures.

Regards. Happy musescore user

GIT commit: f51dc11


How are you doing that? I tried and can't reproduce, so we'd need exact steps.
Is it happening on a specific score? If so, please attach it here.

Also please don't mix a bug report with a feature request, we'd need separate issues for them

These are the steps I am taking to create the crash

1. create a new score (going through the basic score creator)
2. leftclick the timesignature inside the scoresheet
3. copy ( cmd + C)
4. click a new bar and paste (cmd +p)

after this procedure the program shuts itself down.

If you guys do not get the same result I can try to reinstall the program.

Hope this helps!

OK, that 'cmd' seems to indicate that you're on a Mac, which probably is a valuable Information, as I still can't reproduce in Windoes 7 (Enterprise, 64bit), Here Ctrl+C (copy) and Ctrl-V (paste) just work.

Confirmed on Windows7 on the 2.0.2:
1) My first Score
2) Select the 4/4 time sig -> Ctrl + C
3) Select the whole rest second measure -> Ctrl + V
Result: crash

crash muse.jpg
But I can't reproduce with the last Nigthlty, for now

From what I see, I receive a crash with the same steps as comment #4 (My First Score) until September 4, with this Nightly: 3250979

It is fixed the next day, on September 5, with this Nightly: 35b9f49

No crash so, but the TimeSig is not pasted after selection of the whole rest (is it the expected result or not, I forgot?)

Title crash when copying time signature from one measure to another Unpredictable results when copying time signature from one measure to another

(EDIT: our posts crossed :-)

I don't get a crash with 2.0.2 or with a current development build. However, the paste works in 2.0.2 (which surprises me; wouldn't have expected it to!), but not in the current build - nothing happens at all.

The difference in behavior is related to #75861: Time signature change by double-click and after selecting a rest in a minimum 2 pages score causes a crash. The same code handles adding time signatures whether by drag & drop, double click, and copy/paste, and unfortunately it seems that the information passed in differs for these cases. Somehow I guess I need to better understand that.

Anyhow, the crash itself is fixed by my fix for that other bug. However, it is still a bug that the paste doesn't always work. From what I can tell, it is likely to pretty unpredictable. So I'm reducing the priority of this and changing the name to reflect the current status.