How do I convert mscz files to pdf?

• Oct 8, 2015 - 21:46

I downloaded the parts for a quartet piece, but how do I convert the .mscz files to PDFs? Thanks in advance.

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It can occasionally be true that a score with many manual adjustments in 1.3 might look different when imported into 2.0 and some re-adjustments might be necessary to restore the look one worked for in 1.3. That's because the default position for elements is so much better in 2.0, the manual adjustments that were needed in 1.3 might end up being counterproductive. We tried to minimize the impact of these improvements so that existing scores would still look good, but occasionally you might see cases where they look worse at first. So I could see how one might initially get the impression that something was wrong.

But out of the box, new score created from scratch, absolutely no question - 2.0 is leaps and bounds better than 1.3, no contest whatsoever. See for more information on some of the specifics.

When I export to PDF it only saves online, not on my computer. I need to send parts to musicians but I can't send a link to an online PDF because most people don't have microsoft Edge (which is the only browser it saves to). I've tried everything but can't seem to save it as a PDF that is on my computer and that I can send through email. Can anyone help???

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Also, if you're taking about a score on and chose PDF there:
We don't ever export to a browser, but as Edge has the capability to show PDFs in the browser, it doesn't automatically offer you to download that file. All you'd have to do is, when it is showing the PDF press Ctrl+S (the default shortcut for Save File) and it should ask you where you wish to save the file locally.

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Just In case it helps put this in perspective:

My guess is you are getting confused by the fact that when you export a PDF file, your operating system happens to have chosen to use Edge to open that PDF. But that does not mean it was saved online. MuseScore only saves online if you choose File / Save Online. If you choose File / Export, it saves to your computer - it is the only place that facility is capable of saving to. If the PDF opens using Edge, look at the URL at the top of the browser - you should see it starts with "file:" and not "http:".

So, after using File / Export to saver your file as PDF, just ignore the fact that for whatever reason your operating system chose to open it using Edge, and just pay attention to what folder you actually saved to (in the File / Export dialog). The file will be in that folder when you go to attach it to an email.

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