[1.0] [Handbook] Chapter on part creation (needs review)

• Dec 26, 2010 - 13:56
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[To be used for the Handbook, either current or 1.0 or both. It is strongly suggested someone of English mother-tongue and with familiarity with handbook structure and formatting reviews it !!!. Figures are attached to the post]

Creating parts from a score

Part extraction is made of two main steps:

  1. Defining what each part will contain
  2. Actually creating the part


Once the score is set up (at least once all the instruments have been added to it, but not necessarily written out in full), parts needs to be defined. This process needs to be done only once, and any decision made here can be changed subsequently. The following will use the example of a string quartet: adjust for different scores.

  1. Menu "Files | Parts...":
    [fig. 1]
    For each part you need:
  2. Click button "New"
    [fig. 2]
  3. On the right side, fill the "File name" and "Part title" with relevant info.
    "File name" is the default name under which the part will be saved once created (required).
    "Part Title" is the text which will be inserted in the part itself (not required, but useful).
  4. Select the instrument(s) you want to appear on that part, by checking the box(es) on the left of the instrument names in the instrument list. (Usually only one instrument is checked for each part, but it is possible to extract several instruments to the same part, if needed.)
    [fig. 3]
    Repeat steps 2), 3) and 4) for each part you need.
    [fig. 4]
  5. Click the "Close" button.

Part definitions is complete and needs not to be re-done, unless instruments are added to or removed from the score.. As you see, it is possible to have several instruments in a single part (for instance, a double choir score can have a cumulative 'part' for one choir and another for the other choir), but it is not possible to split a single staff (with two or more voices) into separate parts. So, any instrument which is going to have its own part needs to have its own staff in the full score. This may require some planning.


Once you have the full score written out, or even once you have at least some music input and want to check how parts will look like:

  1. Menu "File | Parts..." again. In the dialogue box, for each part you need:
  2. Select the part in the part list at the left
  3. Push the "Create part" button: a new tab is added to the score main window with the newly created part.

Repeat steps 2) and 3) for each part you need. It is not necessary to create all the parts at the same time. Also any part can be re-created at any time (for instance if the score did change) with the above steps, without re-doing the definition steps.


Parts are created as non-yet-saved files: each part you just created needs to be saved (with the usual Save command) or it will be lost. Usually you may want to review it before saving to check for proper formatting.

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Status (old) active fixed

I finished proofing the page so I'm marking as fixed.

Most of my changes were changing passive voice ("Once the score is set up...parts need to be defined") to active voice ("You can define the parts at any point after creating a new score"), and making the passages shorter by removing some of the repetition. The basic instructions the Miwarre wrote up remain intact. There were also some minor phrasing changes to make it consistent with the rest of the handbook that probably only I would notice, i.e. changing "Go to File > Parts.." to "From the main menu choose File > Parts..."

I also reduced the screenshots to 70% of actual size. This is consistent with other screenshots of windows that take would otherwise take a lot of vertical space on the page.