Create Chord Chart plugin causes crash

• Dec 28, 2010 - 12:35
S2 - Critical
won't fix

I've compiled the latest trunk version of mscore.
I started mscore.
Then I click on "Plugins->Create Chord charts" or "Plugins->Create Score".
Then mscore hangs.

Here is the last part of the gdb log:

#0 0x0816d05f in Measure::timesig() const ()
#1 0x08162c01 in Score::appendMeasure (this=0xc3635e8, type=MEASURE)
at /home/collette/repositories/mscore/mscore/mscore/cmd.cpp:1379
#2 0x081630c2 in Score::appendMeasures (this=0xc3635e8, n=81, type=MEASURE)
at /home/collette/repositories/mscore/mscore/mscore/cmd.cpp:1478
#3 0x0844c44f in prototype_Score_call (context=0xb24ff0d0)
at /home/collette/repositories/mscore/mscore/mscore/scscore.cpp:297



It happened to me a couple of times that Chord Chart caused a crash, but not always.

Version, Revision 3507, Mac

Title [trunk] Create Chord Chart plugin causes crash Create Chord Chart plugin causes crash
Status (old) active needs info

Does this still apply?

Status (old) needs info active

Still crashes for me (tested using 6e12077 July 3's Windows nightly build).

I recommend moving from "active" to "needs info" only after you tried to reproduce and couldn't, rather than just because it was reported a while ago.

Plugins are disabled by default, but you can manually turn them on (at least on Windows).
1. Go to Edit > Preferences (or wherever the preferences are on your platform).
2. Click on the plugin tab
3. Add a check next to the plugins you want to enable
4. Press "OK"
5. Quit MuseScore
6. Restart MuseScore.

Most plugins do not actually work, but most do not crash MuseScore when you run them.

Status (old) postponed won't fix

The new QML plugins don't seem to allow to port this plugin, as it is missing e.g. a file selector and a score.setStyle() method.