Metronome plays eighth notes if pickup measure has actual duration of 1/8

• Nov 14, 2015 - 20:02
S4 - Minor

If there is a upbeat with 1/8 in a 4/4 score, the metronom marks eights instead of quarters and changes to quarters if they occure in the score.
- create new score 4/4 with assistent (with upbeat with 1/8)
- enter a few eights
- enter a few quarters
- playback with playback of metronom


GIT commit: 3543170


I think the point at which the playback changes to quarters is not related to when or whether quarters appear in the score - I think you always get exactly 16 clicks of eighths notes, then it switches to quarters. Different but also incorrect results if the pickup measure is set to 3/8.

The fun part is that it goes "TOCK TOCK tick tick tick tick tick tick TOCK TOCK tick tick tick tick tick tick TOCK tick tick tick TOCK...".

It is as if the metronome ticks for the first 2 measures are duplicated and shifted 1/8th note too early.

Having a look.

At rendermidi.cpp:1556 numOfClicks gets the value of... 8.
At line rendermidi.cpp:1570 the ticks, of course, start at 0.
I *think* that's how you get 8 metronome clicks starting at tick 0 out of the first (incomplete) measure, that interleave with the other "proper" clicks.

I think an anacrusis 1/8th note long should generate no metronome clicks at all, unless the denominator is 8?