Crash involving multimeasure rests and Ctrl/ Shift/Del keys

• Nov 15, 2015 - 07:26
S2 - Critical

Nightly 421f366 / Windows 7

1) "My First Score"
2) In the measure 29 eg, select the whole rest
3) Change the value (select the half value in the toolbar). To obtain
two half rests.jpg
4) Press "M"
5) Select this measure and the followings MM rests

6) Ctrl + Shift + Del

Result: crash

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Title Crash involving multimeasure rests and measure with default rest modified Crash involving multimeasure rests and Ctrl/ Shift/Del keys

Well, not sure the title is the most appropriate, since one can reproduce with the same steps by adding notes, both at the end of the score or inside.
I try a new title, before finding better I hope.

Without MM rests, you have noticed that the use of Ctrl + Shift + Del extends the select (the blue rectangle) for include the barline of the following measure
selection ter.jpg

Ah, very interesting. I was kind of assuming the intent was to *delete* the selected measures, in which case Ctrl+Shift+Delete is the wrong command. So I kept doing Ctrl+Delete and was unable to reproduce the crash. But Ctrl+Shift+Delete - the command to create full measure rests - does indeed crash. Looks simple, should have fix in soon.