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• Dec 9, 2015 - 22:27

Hello, all. Just wondering if it is possible to insert a note in musescore, as in when a score is already written, to add a note and have all other notes moved forward. Thanks for your help! Cheers.


The problem with such a command would be, how many notes would you like MuseScore to move forward? Just the next note? The rest of the notes in that measure>? The rest of the notes you had entered in that particular editing session? All notes to the end of the score? Realistically, whatever MuseScore guessed is only going to be right a very small percentage of the time.

So anyhow, currently, if you you want to mvoe notes later, simply do it yourself using cut and paste. That way *you* are in control of how many notres are moved. So, select them (click first, shift+click last), Ctrl+X to cut (replacing them with rests), enter the new note, click the location after the note you just added, Ctrl+V to paste.

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Thanks for your reply, Marc. I just thought naturally, since it is an insertion, all notes would be moved forward. I guess MuseScore's approach of putting the control in the hands of the composer has its merits, but I think including the option would also be nice. Anyway, I must say I am really impressed with how far MuseScore has come. I have known about it for some time, and MuseScore 2 is so much better and more aesthetically pleasing! Looks to me you are part of the dev team. If so, kudos, and please keep up the good work! :)

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Thanks! FWIW, there seems to be more a consensus that if a feature like this were to be implemented - and it's certainly under consideration - it should only move to the notes to the end of the measure. Most people seem to think that's going to be what is expected most of the time. But I know that's how Finale did it, and I'd say it was only ther right answer at best 33% of the time. Moving all notes to the end of the score was the right answer for me at best 10% of the time. The majority of the time, it was some arbitrary number of notes Finale would have had no way of guessing, so I spend more time correcting Finale's guess than I'd have spent moving them myself (if moving notes in Finale were as easy as in MuseScore!).

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Hi Marc,
I use MuseScore to write traditional music from recordings of old people.
The split of the melody in measure is sometimes far from clear, and begin able to write the music as it comes from the recordings, and then adding a note in the middle or changing a note duration with musescore just shifting all the music to the end of the score would be great for me.
I agree this is a specific scenario and I would perfectly understand that you don't select that as default behavior, but this was just to let you know, that sometimes (and sometimes means often for me) this is the desired behavior.

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I too would find this extremely useful. This would make it possible to enter all the notes of a piece without considering the note values, and then go through the piece adjusting all the values. As of now it's impossible since whenever any notes value is increased, it eats the note in front of it. Would be awesome be able to switch between the current "overwrite mode" and this kind of "insert mode" (just like in a word processor). Thanks for a great program anyhow ! :)

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