Treble Staff and Bass Staff

• Feb 7, 2011 - 03:28

Unless I haven't looked hard enough, there doesn't seem to be a plain treble staff (or bass staff)? In Sibelius I often use the "Unnamed Treble Staff" when creating worksheets for education purposes. It has a piano sound for playback which makes it good for ear training exercises. I know I can set up a staff like this by changing the playback sound of a flute stave or something similar, but it would be great to have an "other" category in the Instruments list, where there would be a treble and bass staff. Or maybe someone will tell me there is already one and I've just missed it :)


If you want a treble and bass clef staff with a piano sound, why not simply select "piano" as the instrument? Or, if you'd prefer just a single staff, delete the bass clef staff and save the result as a template that you can use in the future.

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There is also the "lead sheet" template that probably does more or less exactly what you want. I don't know how the wizard was intended to work, but I see "create from scratch" as meant to help you in the selection of actual instruments when dealing with non-standard ensembles, but "create from template" as being the place to go to find standard things.

Can anyone help me.
I have a keyboard but when itry to record it it only records treble and not bass
Is there a way to record both at one time

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Note input in MuseScore is always one staff at a time. There is no way otherwise for MuseScore to know which notes you you want in which staff.

It sounds like you are maybe hoping for some sort of magic facility that will let you play the piano normally and have it automatically turn into sheet music. That's kind of the holy grail but it's basically not really feasible. There are far too many difficult decisions to make as to how best to notate something to get really good results, and deciding which notes should go into which staff is but the tip of the iceberg.

That said, if you record your playing using a sequencer program, save it as a MIDI file, then import the MIDI file into MuseScore, then MuseScore will do its best to decide which notes go where, when to use multiple voices, how to notate imprecisely played rhyhtms, etc. With luck simple pieces might end up being readable.

Hi, I am new here. I want to write a music sheet which has 4 staffs in the treble clef and 4 in the bass clef. I wonder how It can be possible since every time I tried to write it here I find it difficult to let it remain for just 4 staffs. When I delete the measures I don't need the bass clef goes up to the treble .I hope to hear from you guys. Thanks

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If you want piano sound, enter 8 piano, and for the 4 first, delete bass staff, and the 4 last(?) delete the treble staff. Or enter directly 4 treble instruments in G key in C, like guitar or flute, and also 4 instruments in F key in C like bass or trumbone, and after change in staff proprieties the sound of each, for want you want.

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Are you saying you are writing four eight instruments (or voices) playing at once, four of them reading treble clef, and four of them reading bass clef? Or is four pianos, each reading two staves? Or if it actually just one instrument that starts off reading treble clef but then it changes to bass clef after four lines of music? These are all very different scenarios. If it's the last, you really just want a single instrument, and you insert a clef change from the Clefs palette at the spot you want.

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If there is only one instrument, then it's the last thing I said. Create your score with only one instrument - whichever instrument you play. Then at whatever measure you need to change clefs, add one from the palette.

What you are missing is that your music has only one staff. That one staff might be continued through several lines (systems) of music but there is still only one staff - yours.

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