Mixer Software that can take a midi export from MuseScore?

• Dec 24, 2015 - 16:42

I use Garageband to record instrument tracks over MuseScore wav file exports. Works very well. But midi files not so much. Is there any record/mixer software that can actually read a midi file correctly?
New to MIDI,soundfonts and all that stuff.

Also, how do I tell MS where lame ddl is?


Any DAW should be able to handle MIDI (a google search of "Digital Audio Workstation" can give you lots of options, make sure it works with your OS).
MuseScore is not compatible with LAME, unless this is a new feature.

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Tried it, epic fail. Everything became 'Grand Piano' , nothing played correctly. Garageband Youtube midi import tutorial showed same thing. Perhaps the problem is fundamental to midi files. Maybe there is a better GB import format that can retain instrument information.

As I said, I am new to midi but I am impressed how good midi playback can sound in MuseScore and it is an invaluable tool to actually hear your compositional ideas realized.

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MIDI definitely contains information about the assignment instrument. Not sure why Garageband would be ignoring it. Feel free to post the score and/or MIDI file in question so we can see if it seems correct, and if so, then I guess Garageband is not a good choice.

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You have to remember that MIDI is a device specific protocol.

If you do not have a General MIDI device connected to Garageband either as a hardware or software synth, then Program Change messages will either be ignored, or used for the device connected to your MIDI track, which may not be GM compatible and therefore produce results you don't expect.

In any DAW you have to spend time setting it up for the job in hand. Garageband, however, is entry level stuff. If you are being serious about MIDI you need to look at something better. I work on the Windows platform, so don't know about Mac software too much, but Logic is considered to be the best by a lot of people, but if you decide to go that route, be prepared for a huge learning curve initially.

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On closer study, it looks to me like GarageBand (at least, the 2011 version) assigns the instruments in the MIDI file to whatever the closest equivalent it supports is. The problem is that GarageBand doesn't come with very many instruments. So, for example, most reed instruments are imported as Alto Sax or Pop Flute. (On the other hand, tenor sax is imported as Tenor Sax.)

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