[1.0] inconsistent stem lengths between staves

• Feb 18, 2011 - 03:54
S4 - Minor

Version 1.0, Windows Vista

1. create piano grand staff
2. enter four sixteenths on each staff: top space, top line, second to top space, middle line; then force stems up
Result: stem lengths differ between treble and bass clef staves

Fixed in trunk


Similar issue, yes, but y issue is that what MuseScore does in 1.0 differs according to whether you're in the top or bottom staff of the grand staff. Whatever it does, it should do consistently.

Status (old) active by design

When note stems are flipped the opposite direction to normal and the stems reach beyond the staff, then it is standard practice to slightly shorten them. MuseScore is doing this on purpose.

I don't understand - if it's doing it on purpose for treble clef, why not for bass? That's what I was asking about - the fact that behavior depended on clef. On the other hand, I can't seem to reproduce this even in 1.0, so perhaps what I was seeing was a fluke.

EDIT: it wasn't a fluke, but it also isn't as simple as I described. I can reproduce it in one score I have, but not in a new score I created from scratch. The behavior seems related to copy and paste and seems more staff-dependent than clef-dependent. I've stripped away everything else in my score to show the problem measures. In this file, I had entered the notes intot eh first measure, voice part, then copied it to other measures. Even without flipping the stems, you can see the lengths are inconsistent between the staves, but I can't say why.

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Status (old) by design active

Odd. I can reproduce in MuseScore 1.0. But the stem lengths appear to be consistent in the trunk (tested using r. 4062, nightly build), Windows 7.