professional lead sheets can't enlarge chord names or add graphic guitar chord diagrams

• Feb 24, 2011 - 13:36

Hello Folks,
I'm loving the software.
I am trying to make charts (lead sheets) for professional performance.
The musicians are senior citizens and the lyrics and chord names need to be as large as possible.
The lyric enlargement goes OK but, there is some anomalous behavior of the chord names that seems to not allow the enlargement of the font.
How can I fix this?
I also need to be able to drop guitar chord diagrams into the musescore file before I change to a graphics file.
That is... I need to drop .jpg (graphic) files into the working file...not later.
Can I do this?


reg. graphic files: just dran and drip .jpb or .png files into your score, then move and size them to your heart's content.
The chode size issue is a know one I believe, try searching the forumg on this

bye, Jojo

Changing chordname text settings *after* entering the chords doesn't work as expected, but it does work if you make these settings as part of the text style for the document *before* entering the chords, it works fine. And while it's not exactly ideal as a solution, you can actually take advantage of this here. Make the change you want in style -> edit text style. Then double click the first chord to edit it, hit space to go on to the next chord, and it will be re-parsed and should pick up the font changes (I just tried on your example and it worked fine). So just double click and then press and hold space bar while it goes through and updates all the chords in the piece. You have to do each staff separately if you've got more than one staff, but it does work. And in the future, just know you should get the fonts and positioning the way you like it first. Consider creating a template the way you like things and then just reusing that.

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