Chord names disappear after changing text properties

• Mar 10, 2011 - 04:56

Steps to reproduce bug
1. Create new score
2. Press Ctrl+K to create new chord name and type a chord (such as "Am")
3. Press Esc to leave text edit mode
4. Right-click on chord name and choose "Text Properties..."
5. In the Text Properties dialog choose a font other than the default and press "OK"
6. File > Save
7. File > Reload (notice the styling has now disappeared)
8. Right-click on chord name and choose "Text Properties..."
9. Press "OK" to dismiss the Text Properties dialog.

Expected behavior: Nothing should change

Actual behavior: Chord name disappears from view. (Chord name reappears after reload)

MuseScore version: Musescore 1.0 stable and r. 4084 nightly build.

(Operating System: Windows 7)

first reported by Jim_Hardin:


Text properties doesn't currently work for chord symbols, I assume because they are generated specially based on the chordname text style and the chord description file specified in general style / chordnames and are not treated as regular text. But you can affect the characteristics of chord symbols by either changing the chord description file, or by altering the chordname text style and then reloading the score. So you should be able to do pretty much anything you want to do that way.

Altering the chordname text style and then reloading the score doesn't work for me. Even if I save it first, it still shows the wrong font when I reload it.

How would I change the chord description file? Get in there with an .xml editor?

Well, it would be better to continue this via the forums as opposed to continuing to clutter the issue tracker with discussion of how to use the program. But if you start a thread in the Support forum with a sample score and say specificaly what you want to change, I'll show you how, if it is possible. Again, chords are special - not ordinary text at al - but you should be able to change font size and position easily enough.

Font size and position aren't the issue I'm having, but font face. Thanks for the offer of help, and forgive me for "cluttering" the issue tracker with my post explaining that the issue was not resolved by the proposed solution.

Well, as I have said, chord names are special - they aren't rendered using one single font, but according to the descriptions given in the XML file specified in your chord name general style. Depending on what font face you'd like to use and how you propose handling the characters not supported by that font (eg, flats, sharps, diminished symbols, etc), it is probably possible to get the effect you want, and it may or may not require editing the XML file. Again, I am more than happy to help, but I am simply suggesting that such discussion on how to achieve the results you want is more suited to the support forum.