Barline operations should be enabled after selecting measure

• Mar 13, 2011 - 19:14
S5 - Suggestion

Selecting a barline can be slightly awkward because they are so thin. I would like to see an enhancement in which anything that can be done after selecting a barline - changing it to a double bar, adding a line break, etc - could be done with a measure, rather than a barline, selected. So selecting a measure and hitting Enter would add a line break at the end of the measure, selecting a measure and double clicking a barline from the palette would change the right barline to the selected style, etc.


I dont see how to implement this. Main problem is that you cannot select a measure by itself. We currently have two selection modes: a range selection (start tick - end tick and start staff - end staff) and a list of selected elements. So selecting a measure range and double click a end bar drops the end bar to all selected elements in the range.

But you can drop elements to a measure and this works already for bar lines.

What should be done is to increase the clickable area around a bar line to make selection easier.

That explanation actually helps clarify things in my mind; thanks. I often select measures by clicking an empty area within them, but that's tough for measures that are pretty full already. Now I know it's really the same as selecting the range represented by the measure.

Anyhow, I agree, simply making it easier to select a barline would help.