Scaling of symbols in part set to scaling of full score

• Feb 18, 2016 - 09:23

Another little one for the issue tracker. I cannot find any other report and would seem easy to isolate and fix (but what would I know about it!) but not particularly serious as it is “self healing”.

* If a part has already been extracted and the scaling (“Stave space”) of the full score and part are different (quite normal)

* and notes with accidentals / articulations / ornaments / tuplets are copied into a staff in the full score

=> then these symbols are copied into the part at the full score scaling rather than the part scaling.

Full score (for score attached)

Symbol size.png

In the full score, copy the second measure of the second staff into the second measure of the first staff and then look at the part.

Part for full score stave space = 1 mm, part stave space = 1.764 mm

Small symbols.png

Part for full score stave space = 3 mm, part stave space = 1.764 mm

Big symbols.png

The effect is


It does not depend on the staff (notes, scale, transposition, small size, cutaway) or version 2.0.2 or 2.1.0 (16 February 2016).


It does not occur when individual accidentals / articulations / ornaments are copied into a staff or when accidentals / articulations / ornaments or tuplets are created in a staff.


The effect persists when the elements are moved, when the scaling is changed and when the part is printed.


When the score is saved and re-loaded, the effect disappears.