Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Sort descending Status Priority Version Replies Last updated
[Trunk] Delete selected measures in first bar and undo introduces courtesy clef(s) closed 2 11 years
[Trunk] Delete Selected Measures in first bar deletes time signature closed 9 5 years
[Trunk] Delete the soundfont in synthesizer while playing leads to crash closed 2 13 years
[Trunk] Delete tie or slur in linked parts doesn't work closed 2 12 years
[Trunk] Deleting clef of part deletes final note closed 3 12 years
[Trunk] Deleting from the third note onwards in a beam causes crash closed 3 12 years
[Trunk] Deleting pageful of notes and selecting save option upon close causes crash closed 3 12 years
[Trunk] Deleting part that's in view and not saving causes crash closed 9 5 years
[Trunk] Determine tempo from text doesn't reflect playback BPM correctly closed 2 12 years
[Trunk] Diatonic transposition is not working closed 3 9 years
[Trunk] Different time signatures should be listed vertically during score creation closed 2 12 years
[Trunk] Differing grace notes produce the same result closed 4 12 years
[Trunk] Disallow OK in Instruments if no visible staves selected closed 1 12 years
[Trunk] Disallow removal of staves won't fix 27 12 years
[Trunk] Don't hide empty staves in first system should be disabled if hide empty staves is unchecked closed 3 11 years
[trunk] dot for note longer than whole has wrong value closed 2 12 years
[trunk] Dot of dotted note cannot be made invisible closed 4 12 years
[Trunk] Dots out of place in Part closed 3 12 years
[trunk] Double click on drum palette causes crash closed 12 12 years
[trunk] Double note duration (W) changes pitch closed 1 13 years
[Trunk] Double-clicking object in palette does not apply to note correctly closed 2 12 years
[Trunk] Double-clicking object in palette when hairpin/slur/tie on score is selected causes crash closed 7 12 years
[Trunk] Down button in synthesiser causes crash closed 1 12 years
[Trunk] Drag and drop time signature crashes Musescore closed 1 13 years
[Trunk] Drag-select 3 or more pages and delete causes crash closed 1 12 years