Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort ascending Replies Last updated
Bar numbers not updated after changing instrument order and scaling active 1 8 years
can't manually advance voice 2-4 note edit cursor to measure not already containing that voice active 2 7 years
Volta Bracket number needs info 2 3 years
Repeat selection of note in chord sounds top note active 0 8 years
Prevent "duplicate" notes from different staves from being much louder active 1 1 year
Adapt the update checker to cope with all windows packages active 9 3 years
treat Rehearsal Mark string as Marker for "Jump to", "Play Until", "Continue at" active 6 7 years
Instrument name of linked staves in Continuous View not centred between staves active 0 7 years
[MIDI Import] Quatization and swing menus do not look like dropdown menus active 5 8 years
Position slider in play panel returns strange value active 3 2 years
Stack alterations for complex jazz chords active 0 10 years
Alternate method of inputting notes active 3 10 years
Support for (a more complex) additive time signature active 3 2 years
Add option to hide numbers on measures with rehearsal marks active 4 5 months
Paste leaves "residual" chord names active 6 7 years
joined scores from album lose line alterations active 9 2 years
Hidden staves slows down user interface as much as visible active 1 8 years
Frame stops Upwards staff spacer from working active 4 10 months
Instrument change in subpart doesn't change the master score PR created 2 3 years
Album panel: load previous album when opened active 2 2 years
Plugin development with Qt Creator active 7 1 year
Send MIDI clock signal via USB active 0 10 years
In "My posts", the "Mark as read" option doesn't work active 22 1 year
Grey out Synthesiser if no score is open active 0 10 years
First note of system and incoming tie misplaced for C major key signatures active 3 6 years