Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Stave lines protrude barline active 5 4 ans
Glissandi from Rest to Note or Note to Rest active 7 6 ans
No sound output active 16 8 ans
[EPIC] Items that cause entire score to be redrawn active 0 3 ans
Position of measure numbers on one-line staff should be relative to top of barline, not top line active 7 8 ans
Line hook angles should be relative to the line instead of to the horizontal active 6 3 ans
Exported FLAC not recognized by Nero 10 active 1 8 ans
Export arpeggios in MIDI format causes a mess active 0 7 ans
Don't eliminate layout elements upon some cases of time signature change active 19 2 ans
[EPIC] handbook issues active 9 4 ans
Selection of bar visible after being hidden active 3 5 ans
Modfying the jump targets of jumps like D.S. are not linked between score and part active 5 7 ans
Position of line after unticking Allow diagonal not restored in undo/redo stack active 1 3 ans
Ideas for new features active 10 4 ans
userLen1 in arpeggio not available in the inspector active 3 3 ans
Footer doesn't seem to use kernings of fonts needs info 5 7 ans
Distances before the first note active 5 4 ans
musicxml pluck tag is all plucked up active 3 4 ans
Instrument table and text in Find clears after ticking show more active 0 10 ans
Nightly page needs updating active 6 3 ans
Distance between 32nd and next note too small active 2 9 ans
can't create non-alphanumeric keyboard shortcuts using "shift" key active 6 2 ans
Import images from musicXML active 1 8 ans
Artifacts after leaving edit mode at zoom <100% since DPI/FreeType changes active 1 8 ans
Tie direction for chords on tab staves non-deterministic? active 1 9 ans