Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
easily resolve shortcut conflicts active 0 8 ans
Glissando plays back differently for tied notes vs. a single note of the same value active 3 6 ans
Save As vrs. Save Part As active 0 4 ans
Bar line palette drops only affect some bar line properties active 6 8 ans
Add plugin latest revision date and musescore version support to table view active 2 3 mois
Non-ASCII characters in style name not handled correctly active 7 7 ans
Disallowed actions included in undo of tremolo active 3 2 ans
Allow % as chord symbol active 12 2 ans
Make Page up/down active in playback mode active 1 1 an
Toggle button for articulations active 2 10 ans
Piano Roll editor undo button doesn't actually undo pitch changes active 1 2 ans
[MusicXML] Import/export hidden staves active 6 1 an
Nonstandard (possibly insufficient number or incorrect placement of) augmentation dots for certain chords active 18 5 mois
Request method to specify that key signature being added is already transposed active 14 1 an
2.0 Stopping Audio From Google Chrome active 3 3 ans
Arrows for offset in Inspector should match actual directions that objects move; one spinbox with 4 directional arrows active 7 1 an
Prevent "duplicate" notes from different staves from being much louder active 1 1 an
Numeration of lyrics not working with quotations active P2 - Medium 4 3 ans
Community Guidelines do not reference or include active 0 3 mois
MIDI Keyboard Transport (Remote Control) not working active 4 12 ans
Handbook (pdf): Headers (H3, H4, H5) need to stay on same page as next paragraph active 2 4 ans
Courtesy accidental doesn't disappear upon moving note active 9 8 ans
incorrectly "remember" prior length of segment when toggling mm-rests and changing barline type active 0 6 ans
Add "Key Signature" to online help for key signature active 5 7 ans
Undo unavailable if moving accidental via keyboard active 2 2 ans