Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Sort ascending Priority Version Replies Last updated
not launching after the splashscreen needs info 3.0 11 3년
Master Palette shortcut bug needs info 3.0 4 3년
Closing Musescore needs info 3.0 3 3년
Hiding empty staves within a system hides all parts needs info 3.6 11 8개월
Playhead skipping measures needs info 3.0 2 3년
Allow Selection Filter to work with Shift + Click and Drag needs info 3.4 2 2년
Not recognizing repeats & jumps needs info 3.6 1 6개월
Musescore irresponsive when entry notes needs info 3.4 1 2년
Chord Symbols won't decrease in size needs info 3.0 1 3년
Play mode not active needs info 3.0 3 3년
Treble clefs become visible again needs info 3.6 1 5일
SCREECHING WHITE NOISE whenever I try to use musescore needs info 3.5 1 2년
Increasing the duration of multiple notes causes crash needs info P1 - High 3.5 9 1년
Changed key signature in Bb Part needs info 3.0 2 3년
Not Able to Play Back Score needs info 3.5 1 1년
Slurs/lines not transferring to parts and vice-versa needs info 2.1 8 5년
Keyboard shortcuts do not work when the keyboard language is not English. needs info 3.2 6 3개월
"Staccato above" articulation not active for all affected notes needs info 3.0 5 4년
repeated notes needs info 3.2 3 3년
My trumpet and clarinet sounds like and organ and a stringed instrument respectively needs info 3.2 3 3년
Drawing a slur makes the slur partially invisible needs info 3.0 1 4년
Piano MIDI synth broken needs info 3.6 5 1년
A Frame fails to accept Section Break applied to it and crashes needs info 3.6 3 1년
MS 3.3 Very SLOW !!!!!! needs info 3.3 2 2년
Instruments traditionnels needs info 3.3 6 2년