Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Status Priority Version Replies Sort descending Last updated
Removing linked staff cause crash needs info P0 - Critical 3.0 5 5 jaren
Distances before the first note active 5 4 jaren
Stave lines protrude barline active 5 4 jaren
Installed the new update today 11/11/20 and now it won't open at all. What should I do? needs info 3.5 5 3 jaren
MIDI Mapping does not value correctly. active 4.0 5 10 maanden
Enable Drumset display panel even when there is no drumset active 3.5 5 3 jaren
Corrupted file active 4.0 5 1 jaar
Opening a saved MuseScore file too often results in file corruption. Have to remake the file from square one. Can you make Musescore without this bug? needs info 3.6 5 1 jaar
Musescore 4 keeps crashing needs info 4.0 5 1 jaar
Add style setting to control when hairpin extended over barline to dynamic in next measure active 3.6 5 3 jaren
Bravura (and fonts using it as a fallback): Whole notes with diamond noteheads in different voices do not line up active 3.6 5 2 jaren
remove non-functional "Allow Diagonal" property for Note-Anchored Line active P2 - Medium 3.6 5 2 jaren
Playback one whole tone too high needs info 4.0 5 1 jaar
Whole beat rests in compound time should be dotted but instead show 2 rests active 3.6 5 2 jaren
Player fails to respond after computer is idle for several hours needs info 3.6 5 1 jaar
Double bar on the left of a measurement active 3.6 5 1 jaar
Everytime I click on the 3rd page onwards, everything on that page goes invisible until I scroll out and in again. active 3.6 5 1 jaar
Playback messes in subsequent playbacks. needs info 4.x-dev 5 1 jaar
MuseScore 4 Crashing with Bluetooth active 4.0 5 7 maanden
Playback puts random d.c.'s (and other issues) when playback speed changed. active 4.x-dev 5 1 jaar
Musescore crashes because of grace notes, and I can't open my file active 4.x-dev 5 1 jaar
MuseScore4 crashes upon opening the master palette needs info 4.x-dev 5 1 jaar
Menu bar items don't highlight on mouse-over active 3.4 5 3 jaren
Tie Crashes active 4.x-dev 5 1 jaar
Musescore 3.5.2 crashes on startup on MacOS needs info 3.4 5 3 jaren