Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort descending Version Replies Last updated
Add articulations above the beams with cross-staff notation active 3.4 3 1 year
DELETED SCORE needs info 3.0 1 2 years
Allow % as chord symbol active 12 1 year
Unexpectedly quits when changing time signatures needs info 3.4 2 1 year
Request for new "swap strings" feature in tab active 12 5 years
Constant crashes needs info 3.4 5 1 year
Single page view truncates staff lines, when measures are too long to fit on a singe page. active 3.0 4 5 months
lyrics: syllables sometimes too narrow active 23 5 years
Only Pizzicato Channel Works on String! (No Arco or Tremolo!) needs info 3.4 10 1 year
Soundfont preference folder is not created after program installation needs info 3.0 4 2 years
Dynamic appears in score with part's text style, and vice versa active 2 5 years
Piano spacing issue - stem crossing with grace note active 3.4 1 7 months
Minor Visual Glitch in Parts Playback active 3.0 1 2 years
[MacOSX] When running from command line in batch mode, switches screen away from terminal active 1 5 years
Cross staff slurs with double curve active 3.x-dev 7 1 year
Can't edit text if multi-monitor computer and Musescore is not on primary screen. needs info 3.0 4 1 year
Plugin Creator help document is missing much important information active 1 5 years
Chord symbols: use an appropriate default playback instrument and show it in the mixer active 3.5 8 7 months
Clicking on notes while playing the score can sometimes have the score be in a not-playing state active 3.0 1 3 years
Allow hairpins to start and end on any beat active 3.4 1 11 months
Instruments may be removed with the delete key active 3.4 2 7 months
musescore crashes if i try to delete a measure needs info 3.0 1 2 years
Allow horizontal scroll bar in windows' sidebars, including Style dialogs and Master Palette active 2.1 14 4 years
Guitar vibrato line colour not displayed as set in inspector active 3.4 1 11 months
'Lock-Score' Tool active 3.0 24 3 years