Issues for MuseScore

Title Status 降序 Priority Version Replies Last updated
Falls on vocals continually sustain notes needs info 4.0 2 8個月
Wrong playback of trills with ottava needs info P1 - High 3.0 4 4年
Shortcut doesn't work needs info 4.0 5 8個月
Playback Glitch needs info 3.0 1 4年
Automatic Dynamics from Hairpins not updating depending on order of placement [ R: 3224f34] needs info 3.6 2 8個月
placement and concertPitch cannot deviate from style needs info 3.0 5 4年
Bb Cornet Sounds 2 Octaves too high needs info 4.0 1 8個月
Musescore crasht many times a day needs info 3.0 1 4年
Files saved in MS4 cannot be re-opened needs info 4.0 5 8個月
Inserting key signature change Muscore 4.01 quits needs info 4.0 1 7個月
5/8 changed to 8/8 for no obvious reason. needs info 3.3 3 3年
Key signatures not changing positions after clef change on Continous Mode (Horizontal) needs info 4.0 3 7個月
Allow user to delete any palette (as long as one is left remaining in a workspace) needs info 3.6 2 2年
Quintuplet turned into Sextuplet?? needs info 3.3 3 3年
Pressing the command key on your mac will bring down the program. needs info 3.6 2 2年
Empty drag bar does not work needs info 3.3 3 3年
Grésillement needs info 3.6 1 1年
Hairpin layout on second voice on last measure is not preserved when reopening score needs info 3.3 6 2年
Notes Unevenly Spread within Measures needs info 3.6 5 1年
language bug needs info 3.4 2 3年
Mark staves in color more easily needs info 4.x-dev 9 1年
Extra key signatures after temporary clef sign needs info P1 - High 3.4 1 3年
Sheet music not following the score on many mcsz files needs info 3.6 1 1年
Drumline not installing needs info P3 - Low 12 3年
Staff space changed without reason when opening a MuseScore3 file. needs info 4.x-dev 5 1年